Sree Datta Likhitha Japa

Likhita Japaimage001 is an enjoyable and practical way to practice Mantra meditation. Likhitha Japa plays very important role in Dattanama smaran as Dattopanishad clearly says that, Lord  Dattatreya is “SMARANA MATR SANTHUSHTAAYA”. Japa Mantra is the practice of repeating the Mantra or Name of the Divine. In Likhita Japa, you repeatedly write the Mantra. Written Japa has been considered as the best among japas. The question arises why is it the best. The reason is it improves our concentration and inspires us to utter God’s name silently, to write down the name consciously and to meditate on Him. Thus written japa achieves three things at one go.

The benefits of Likhita Mantra are powerful.Be it any Japa ,writing the Mantra brings a purity of focus and a peace in the hearts and mind which is difficult to be achieved in other forms.   Written Mantrimage003a engages other parts of the body-mind that which other Japa cannot engage.

There is something special that happens in writing… which makes written reflection such a powerful and transformative tool.  Likhita Japa is the practice of writing the Mantra over and over, around in a design. This helps the devotee to  concentrate all his being on the Divine and clear away all other thoughts. So the resonance of God can resonate throughout the whole body / mind / energy field. It’s like a magnet that keeps drawing the Divine into one’s life!

As a part of Datta nama prachara, “Sri Datta” Likhitha japa is introduced. The devotees who are willing to write Datta nama, can use the following document directly. They have to type the words SRI DATTA in the respective boxes in English or  their known language and are humbly requested that, please don’t copy and paste the letters in the boxes. image005One has to type the letters in the boxes by reciting the nama innerly. The persons who are interested to write on paper, they are requested to take printout of the blank document and write by using Ball pen only. It is always advised to use hardcopy. The completed documents can be sent to the e-mail of the contact id of the website as an attachment with  details like name, gotra,address and phone number to get Puja done to Lord Dattatreya on any one auspicious occasion. The persons who have written the nama on papers are requested to send the completed papers (atleast 25) to the contact address mentioned in the website with their full details as mentioned. The papers will be handed over to the temples where Dattatreya Idol prathistapana is taking place or it will be handed over to the temple authorities of any one famous Datta kshetram or where OUdumbar Vana is going to be developed in any Place/Ashram. Smaran the nama of Lord Dattatreya by writing “ Sri Datta” and have the blessings of Dattaguru Maharaj.

Rules for writing the Likhitha Japa:

1. image007Start writing the nama/japa after having bath only.

2.  Posture:Keep your spine aligned, and all your body parts in place.

3. Relaxation:Keep your muscles relaxed. Watch in particular your face, neck, and shoulders for tension.

4. Concentration:Stay free of distractions, such as music, tv, telephones, etc. Focus your mind on the mantra.

5. • Intention:Intention is vital. As you draw, intend for the mantra to purify you in body and mind.

6. It’s beneficial to imagine the Deity of the mantra seated in your heart or nearby, showering you with their blissful vibrations. (If you are using OM or AUM, you would visualize Light.)

7. Sit With It:It is vitally important to not rush off after finishing a mantra. Sit with it for about 10 minutes quietly, or humming a mantra or prayer if you need help focusing. Then offer thanks (customarily with a pranam), and when you start your day the mantra will be well-set in you.

8. WRITTEN JAPA is prescribed for people of all castes, creeds, colors. It is meant for persons of all ages—from alphabets learning kids to eighty-year old people.

9. There is no fixed time or place for this. But it is wise for the practitioner to identify a suitable place and select the suitable time to do this. If one does this regularly on a fixed time, he will be benefited. Punctuality, concentration, good memory etc are some such benefits.

10. The scriptures have proclaimed that written japa brings benefits  hundred times more than mental japa [manasika japa] and brings tenfold accomplishment when compared to other kinds of japas .


||Sree Guru Dattaanugraha Praapthirasthu||