The “TRINITY” of the Hindu Pantheon-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva came together to incarnate as Lord Dattatreya to uplift humanity. Lord Dattatreya has fascinated the hearts of millions of Indian devotees by his highly gracious nature and pleasing personality throughout the Centuries. He is renowned as “SMRUTHI MAATRA ANUGRAHA KARTHA” – bestowing favour as soon as he is remembered.

In this utter-kali kaala, the struggle for existence is becoming more and more acute day by day, and we don’t get time to do long religious practices and nor have such patience. Life is full of many short comings…… like diseases, occupational activities/tensions, quarrels, idleness and family problems etc., What is quite simple and easy means for common man to attain GOD or enternal happiness and peace?

All kinds of sufferings will vanish away and the Ocean of bliss rolls up, triple suffering in the form of Aadhi, Vyaadhi and Upaadhi will be thrown away and the individual self will be merged in “SARWAATMA”. Be his play-toy and play as he makes you play and recite DATTA’s name at every breath. It is the only royal road of absolute happiness, peace and joy.

There has been blogs,homepages and websites dedicated to this great Guru tradition, but what makes this website unique? This website would help more people in improving their standards of the materialistic life and advancement in spiritual life. This site contains lot of information on Guru Dattatreya, great saints connected to Datta tradition and gives information about all temples connected to Dattaguru all over the world along with specific information on

Oudumbar Deeksha, Shri Gurucharitra, 24 Gurus, Shodasa Avathaaraas, Dram Bijam, Advantage of Temple construction , Likhitha japa under Datta projects etc., . This site also has links to many audio and video pages which can be accessed right from this site itself.

Another special feature of this site is “Remedial Mantras” extracted from the scriptures of Datta sampradaya which will give the astonished solutions/ results for the materialistic life problems. The real and real experiences of the devotees are going to publish in the site under “Testimonials” column soon. Keep browsing the site ,and we hope that you enjoy the experience of the divine presence here.



Oh..Dattaprabhoo..you are having forgiveness as your Alankaara. Kindly forgive and forgive all the mistakes done by us with our mind…..

కృతాన్ దోషాన్ మయా సర్వాన్|| స్వచిత్త వశవర్తినా|| క్షమస్వత్వ౦ క్షమస్వత్వ౦|| క్షమాభరణ భూషితా||

క్షమస్వాపరాథ౦ క్షమస్వాపరాధ౦|| క్షమస్వాపరాథ౦ ప్రభోక్లిన్న చిత్తా||

క్షమమే అల౦కార౦గా వున్న దత్త ప్రభూ! నా మనస్సు వశమ౦దు౦డి
నేను చేసిన అన్ని దోషములను నీవు క్షమి౦పుము ….క్షమి౦పుము…..


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