Gokarna Kshetra


A view of Mahabaleswar temple

Gokarna kshetra is a sacred place of shri shiva. Here Shri Ganesh founded .The original linga -image of shiva. It is known as Mahabaleshwar. Sreepada sreevallabha Who is the first incarnation of lord dattatreya lived secretly for 3 years at Gokarna before going to Nivrithisangam and Kuruvapur and performed penance here. Most of the devotees who are Visiting Gokarna will think that it is a famous kshetra of Lord Shiva. But it is also connected to Lord Dattatreya. As the kshetra is very powerful, shreepada srivallabha has chosen this place.

After taking permission form his mother Sumathidevi,Shree padaSree vallabha went to Kasi ( Varanasi ), Badrinarayan and reached Gokarna for obtaining divine Knowledge. This place is most important holy place. Gokarna is like Kailash and shri Shiva Stays there. All the gods, demons, rishis, munis, siddhas live and worship shri Shiva and there By they attain all the four valous (purusharies). Gokarna has great significance. Hence shripad srivallabha had also been there and stayed there for three years. The linga was appeared as white in Kritha yuga, in Treta it was in red colour, in Dwapara yellow, and in the Kaliyuga it has become black. The root of this linga is the sapta paathaala below. Even with the site of this linga one is relieved of the sins of brahmahatya and gets one’s desires fulfilled and after death one attains salvation. The sastras explaining that the devotees staying here Will go to Kailash in the end.

The Gokarna kshetra mahatmya was explained in chapter VI and VII Of Sree Gurucharitra. The shiva linga is known as Mahabaleshwar and it is in the shape of ear of a cow, hence the town is termed as Gokarna. Go means ‘cow’ and karna means ‘ear’. The story of Ravanasura-shiva atmalinga was happend here. The same ocean can be observed. The temple is very nearer to the Sea, just appearing on the bank of sea. This place is also Termed as “BHOOKAILASH”. The atmosphere in Gokarna is very cool and calm. The houses in the town are very attractive and most of the houses are of same type of construction. The hotels and most of the eatable items/tea&coffee are maintained with neatness and great aachara.


Adhyay 7 – Importance of the Kshetra Gokarna

The 7th Adhyay of Shree Gurucharitra describes the Gokarna Kshetra Mahatmya. A visit to this Holy Place burns off all sins however, much grievance they be and earns for the person Kailasha-Pada. Gautama Rishi narrates to the King of Ikshawaku Family who was under a curse by a Brahmin Women (while living as a Brahma Rakshasa as cursed by Shri Vashishta), how a Chandala woman, with sins galore on her head, earns Kailasha-pada by the mere coincidence of her dying at the Holy Gokarna.Gokarna had so much sanctity that Sripada SriVallabha chose to visit and spend 3 years there.

Important days to visit Gokarna :

It is virtuous to worship here on Maha Shivaratri, Maasa sivarathri, Makara Sankrathi day and Kaartheeka maasa Mondays and pournami. In the month of Magha, If one observes fasting on the day of shivaratri and offers “BEL” leaf (Maaredu dala) to shri shivalinga, their entrance in the heaven is ensured.

Route to Gokarna:

Gokarna kshetra is situated in the state of Karnataka. There is a direct train from Guntur/Vijayawada (A.P) to Hubli (Karnataka). It is a journey of around 14 hours from Vijayawada to Hubli. From Hubli to Gokarna there are direct busses and journey period is about 31/2 hours. The people coming from Mumbai/Pune/Hyderabad have to getdown at Guntakal and reach Hubli in a separate train. From Bangalore there are direct busses to Gokarna which are running by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation)

Accomodation and Facilities at Gokarna:

Full lodging and boarding facilities are available at Gokarna. Private lodges, Choultries and private hotels are also available. Even some priests of the temple are also arranging lodging and boarding facilities at their residence by charging a Nominal cost.

Important places should visit in Gokarna:

1. Parvathi temple Parvathi temple is nearer the Mahabaleswar temple.
2. OM Beach and ocean
The beach appeared to be in the shape of Om (omkaram) when it is observed from Helicopter/Aeroplane. Foreigners are still visiting the beach and staying for some days at beach premises. But foregners are not allowed to the inside of the temple premises. The ocean scenary is very beautiful. The sunset and sunrise is very very loving atmosphere.



Gokarna SEA

 Ganesh temple :Famous Ganesh temple. Very near darshan like sparsha darshan (touching of statue) is allowed. One can see the Yagnopaveetha, shade of sudarshan Chakra, Naagaabharana on the statue can be observed. All these were at the time of darshan of Shiva to Ganesh at the time of Shiva’s Aatma linga prathistaapana


Abhisheka to Ganapathi Idol

Mahabaleshwar temple : Famous temple of Shiva . As Ravanasura tried his best with all his best to lift the shiva linga, the linga tooks the shape of an ear of the cow. So it is known as Gokarna. The devotees are allowed to see the linga in garbhalaya and every One can touch the shivalinga and can offer bel leaves and can perform rudrabhisheka with their own hands.


Shivlinga in Garbhalaya of Gokarna kshetra


Atmalinga of Lord Shiva

Datta mandir : The place where Dattatreya performed penance. Now the place is Termed as Datta mandir. Regular pujas and abhishekas, bhajans are performing in the mandir.

Shivmandir :This shivamandir is in the town of Gokarna . Shripada shreevallabha performed abhisheka at that time to this sivalinga. Now it is under control of private persons. One have to enquire about this place in the Gokarna. Only limited persons only knows. It is advised to contact old aged priests of the temple/town.

Temple timings : Morning 6.00 A,M. to 12.00 P.M. and evening 4.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M.

Daily pujas :


Atmalinga Abhisheka


Bilwa Puja

Ekarudrabhisheka, Ekadasarudrabhisheka, Navadhaanyaabhisheka, Harathi, Bel leaves pujas are performing in the inside of the temple. Nominal charges are collecting by the temple adminstered by Sreeramachandrapura Matha for Pujas/abhishekas. Sahasranama, ashtotra pujas are performing in Parvathi temple. Pujas are also performing in the Ganesh temple.

It is advised to contact Sri Ramachandrarao.Jambhe,purohit, radham street in Gokarna for performing all the pujas/abhishekas. It was observed that he is having good swara of rudra mantras and highly co-operative and respectable person. I am advising each and every devotee to visit the place Gokarna and have the blessings of Lord Shiva and Dattatreya.

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