Story Of Vallabheshwara Sharma.

Manthangoud  is a kshetra of Lord Dattatreya’s first incarnation, Shri Pada Shree Vallabha which has its own importance . There is a reference about this place in SREE GURU CHARITRA in chapter 10.

A true story happened at this place in 1351 A.D after Sri pada Sri vallabha (first incarnation of Dattatreya) disappeared from Kuruvapur in 1350 A.D.

The story proves a belief that if we are devoted to Sri Guru it is never futile. Sri Guru never disappoints his disciples.

The story goes as follows.

Vallabhesh, a righteous Brahmin, was doing Turmeric business. He used to go to Shripad Shrivallabha Padukas at Kuravpur every year. Once he declared that if he made good business he would feed 1000 Brahmins at Kuravpur. Fortunately he earned good profit that year. He started for Kuravpur with good money. Knowing this, 4 thieves also accompanied him. They told him that they were also business men like him. After two or three days, all the five reached a small village admist of a thick forest.

That night the thieves killed the Brahmin when he was asleep and wanted to take away all his money. Vallabhesh yelled Sripada’s name before he died and breathed last. immediately Shripad Shrivallabha, with locks of hair on his head and trishul in his hands appeared on the scene. He killed three thieves; but one, who surrendered himself saying, ‘I am innocent. I did not know that these three persons would kill the Brahmin. You are omniscient. Kindly save me’. Hearing his prayer, Shripad Muni told him to rub the “Vibhuti” (enchanted ashes) to the separated parts of the body of Vallabhesh, Then Sripada flowed his merciful vision on the body and immediately, made him alive. It was dawn when Shripad Muni disappeared from the place

image003Sripada SriVallabha’s continued showering of His Grace on his devotees even after his Mahaprasthan.

Vallabhesh asked the person sitting by his side, ‘why have you held me; Who has killed these men? .

The person replied, ‘ A great ascetic had come here. He killed these thieves with his Trishul. He saved me for you. He asked me to rub enhanted Vibhuti to your body. He woke you and made you sit by his hands. He has just disappeared. He might be the great god Shri Shiva.

Hearing this the Brahmin realised that all this has been done by Shri Guru Shripad Shrivallabh. He also understood that he attained the capacity of feeding 1000 brahmins very long back , but due to his negligence he postponed his promise. So he was taught a lesson not to postpone the promises.

Taking the amount from the thieves, he then went to Kuravpur. He worshipped the Padukas (foot prints) of Shri Guru with great devotion and fed about 4000 Brahmins instead of 1000.


PlaceWhere The Thives Killed Vallabheswara Sharma

According to chapter 18 of Sripada charitamrutham This story was predicted by Sripada himself to Vallabheswara sarma that it would take place. The reason behind the death and re birth of Vallabhesh is that the four thieves were maternal uncles of Vallabhesh in his past life who deceived him and grabbed his property. Because of this they took a birth as thieves but the hatred towards Vallabhesh still continued and they killed him. BUT LORD SRIPADA WHO KNOWS THE PAST , PRESENT AND THE FUTURE OF ALL LIVING BEINGS IS ALWAYS THERE TO PROTECT THOSE WHO RELY ON HIM.




Lord Dattatreya Original vigraha in the Temple


ONLY BY ROAD: It is 9 kms from the main road leading towards Kuruvapuram from Mahbubnagar. 1 Km Before reaching Makthal mandal of Mahbubnagar district on the left hand side of the road we can see the board showing the route to MANTHANGOUD with LORD DATTATREYA’S picture.


Is not available as the place is remote and interior. Village atmosphere still prevails in and around the Temple. IT IS ADVISED TO VISIT THE PLACE ONLY DURING THE DAY TIME.