Mahur (MAHURGUD) is the famous Datta kshetra. It is the birth place of Lord Dattatreya. This place is visited by thousands of Piligrims throughout the year.  Apart from Datta temple there are other famous temples LIKE  ANASUYA TEMPLE (Mother of Lord Dattatreya).

KALIKA TEMPLE AND RENUKA MA TEMPLE  and EKAVEERIKA   TEMPLE. Mahur village is 40 KMs north-west of Kinwat town in Nanded district in the Marathawada division of Maharashtra. As per Sri Adi Shankarachrya’s shaktipeethas shlok the 8th Shakti peethas is ‘ Mahurye Ekaveerika’.

The full shloka is….Lankayam Shankari devi, Kamakshi Kanchika pure /Pradyumne Shrinkhala devi, Chamunda Krouncha pattane //Alampure Jogulamba, Sri shaile Bhramarambika /Kolha pure Maha lakshmi, Mahurye Ekaveerika //Ujjainyam Maha kali, Peethikayam Puruhutika /Odhyane Girija devi, Manikya Daksha vatike //Hari kshetre Kama rupi, Prayage Madhaveshwari /Jwalayam Vishnavi devi, Gaya Mangalya gourika //Varanasyam Vishalakshi, Kashmire tu Saraswati /Ashtadasha Shakti peethani, Yoginamapi durlabham //Sayamkale pathennityam, Sarva shatri vinashanam /Sarva roga haram divyam, Sarva sampatkaram shubham //


Ekaveerika Devi

Ekaveerika devi temple is in Mahur , Maharashtra. The deity here is called Ekaveerika mata. The temple is in Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. It is 50 km from Kinwat and 126 km from Nanded. Nagpur is 210 km by road from Mahur. Sati’s Right shoulder has fallen here.

The back ground of falling of body parts of Sati Devi is as below:
There was a great king called Daksha Prajapati who was son of Lord Brahma. He had 27 daughters and Sati devi is one among them. Sati devi got married to Lord Shiva. When Dashka entered the arena of a yaga performed by Agni, every one except Lord Shiva stood up as a mark of respect. Daksha felt insulted by Lord Shiva’s behaviour. Later when Daksha conducted a yaga him self , he did not invite his daughter and his son in law.Though Sati felt bad because of the non invitation, she wanted to attend the yaga against the wish of Lord Shiva.When Sati, attended the yaga no body has cared for her and she felt insulted by the actions of her sisters and parents. Then when her father started abusing her husband she could not control her feelings and sacrified herself at the place of yagna by creating agni from earth with her right thumb of her foot.Knowing this Lord Shiva removed one bunch of Jhatha from his head and hit it on the earth. From that Lord Veerabhadra has born and rushed to yaga spot and killed Daksha by cutting his head. Later Shiva went to the spot and taken the body of sati from the fire and started dancing with it. The world was terrorized from this Tandava Nritya and to stop this Nritya, Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and completely cut the Sati’s body in to pieces. These body parts have fallen at various places in India and Srilanka. Where ever these parts have fallen the places are called Shaktipeethas. There are 18 such places and they are called Ashta (8) Dasa(10) Shakti peethas.

Mahur is famous for Renuka Devi temple and very few people are knowing about Ekaveerika devi temple and mostly they call Renuka devi temple as shakti peeth. We find more rush at Renuka devi temple than Ekaveerika mata temple. It is said that Ekaveerika Devi is the elder sister of Renukadevi. Renuka devi temple is 800 years old. Ekaveerika Devi temple is 8 km from Renuka devi temple on Nanded high way and 300M from the main road.

The three important temples of Renuka mata, Dattatreya and Anasuya temple are built on three mountain ranges. Mahur is surrounded by Jungles which bear wild animals like peacocks , deers, black bears and panthers. In these forests Teak wood trees are more. The importance of Datta temple here is that unlike other Datta kshetras where we find Padukas of Datta,the idol of Lord is been worshipped.


Lord Datta’s Idol


Main entrance of Datta Mandir


Datta Mandir

Datta bhagavan is known as Chiranjeevi or the immortal avatar. So it is believed that he dwells in SOOKSHMA ROOPA or the minutest form in all his kshetras. So it is believed that Mahur is also a place where DattaGuru comes to sleep. As per the belief the saying goes that Datta Prabhu takes his NITYA SNAN (daily bath) In Meruwada Talao in Mahur, BHIKSHA(Meal served to a sadhu) at Kolhapur,BHOJAN(food) at Panchleswar and gets back to sleep in Mahur. Devadeveswar Temple is the nidra sthan of Lord Dattatreya.

A view of Devadeveswar Temple

Anasuya Mata Mandir

Anasuya mata is wife of Atri Mahamuni. She is once tested by Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar to prove her loyalty towards her Husband. As per Indian mythology The trinity went to Atri’s home in his absence and asked Anasuya mata to give them Bhiksha(food). When she was ready to serve them, they insisted that she has to Serve them with a nude body. Then with her devotion and Bhakti she turned all the three into babies and fed them. Finally impressed by her devotion she was given a Boon of her choice and then she wanted all three to be her sons. That is how Lord Dattatreya took birth on Earth at Mahur and from then he had been existing on earth To bless his devotees. Anasuya mata mandir is famous at Mahur. We can get shared autos from Renukadevi temple to this place.


Anasuya mata


Main gate to temple


view of the hill from ground level

Renuka Mata (Mahurgud Nivasini Jagadamba) Mandir.


Renuka mata.

The third famous mandir is Renuka Mata Mandir. Renuka is wife of Rishi Jamadagni and Mother of Parasuram (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). According to the Story King Karthaveeryarjuna once went to Jamadagni’s ashram and was surprised to know about the holy cow KAMADHENU in the possession of the sage. Kamadhenu Was capable of doing anything. Seeing that the king requested the sage to give the cow to him and his request was dismissed. The king wanted to acquire the cow at Any cost and so he attacked the sage. Jamadagni was killed and Renuka mata was hurt in 21 places of her hands. Parasuram came to know about this mishap and Took a revenge by killing 21 kings . He was asked to cremate the holy body of his father in the forest of Mahur. Renuka mata became SATI with her husband’s body here.

Later Parasuram got a message from Akashavani(voice of the heavens) that his mother is emerging from the ground on the hill top and he was WARNED not to Look at her until she emerges completely. But out of curiosity to see his mother Parasuram turned his head and saw that his mother’s body stopped coming out of ground and only her head is out of the ground. Parasuram realized his mistake but its of no use. SO RENUKA MATA’S HEAD PORTION IS ONLY VISIBLE IN THE TEMPLE.

The temple is coloured in RED colour and here BEETLE LEAVES are offered as Prasad. Here pan patta and supari are grinded as paste and offered as prasad. People believe that Mata blesses all those females who offer her beetle leaves.


Beetle leaves are ground for Prasad


Inner walls of the mandir also coloured red


lotus feet of mata

Worshipping Renuka Mata Is the easiest way to Impressupon Lord Dattatreya.



On auspicious occasions like Navaratris, Datta Pournima; Mahapuja is organised which is followed by Mahaprasad (Feast for the Pilgrims).

Other Places to Visit:


Chinta mani Ganesh,Kalam



1.Chinthamani Ganapathi Temple: 20 km from Yavatmal at Kalam ,Chinta mani Ganesh temple is there. It is one of the eight Ganesh temples in Vidarbha and it is the only temple where deity faces south. The temple is 20 feet below the ground level and it is said that every 12 years the temple is submersed in water comes out of the well.Chinthamnai Ganapathi ‘s anugraha is also mentioned in Shree Gurucharitra at Ganagapur temple by Sri Nrusimha saraswathy swamy to his disciples.

2. Unkeshwar: Pracheena Shiva temple. People who visit Mahur Also Visit “Unkeshwar” (50 km from Mahur; 15 km from Kinwat), which has natural sources of hot water. This sulphur rich water is supposed to have medicinal value.



BY ROAD There are plenty of buses going to Mahur from NANDED, PUSAD and KUNAWAT. It is the best choice to go to Mahur by Bus.
BY TRAIN image033

FROM MUMBAI: Nandigram Express upto Kinwat and then state bus from Kinwat to Mahur.Or travel by Devgiri Express and Tapovan Express till Nanded,From there state transport bus from Nanded to Mahur.

FROM HYDERABAD: Many trains are there from Hyderabad like AJANTA , RAM OKHA, DEVAGIRI, HYB ALI SUP EXPRESS, KRISHNA EXPRESS upto Nanded.

FROM BENGULURU: Bangalore Nanded express , YPR INDB EXPRESS(Only on Tuesdays)


BY AIR The nearest Domestic Airport is Nanded and Nagpur Airport is connected to all parts of India.Bus and taxi transport are available to reach Mahur


All types of accommodation facilities are available like Lodges, Hotels, Govt Rest House. Foods served by local hotels, Dhabas (roadside eateries for the travelers) are of good quality.

Accommodation :-
Bhakta Niwas (Mahur) # 02460-268651
Ekvira Dham (Mahur) # 02460-268680