Datta Shravana Veekshana



Music works upon the nervous system, the feeling of life, and creates a symphony out of emotion. In other words, a summary of feeling is somehow gestured out of the human being through the impact of music. We cannot find out how music has that emotional effect. It is more magical. One attains purity by drinking the sacred water of Ganga. But even this takes a while and not immediate as, though Ganga was born from the lotus feet of the Lord, she is not stationed there. But by taking refuge at the feet of the great sages who are immersed in Bhakti, sanctity is attained immediately as they are ever stationed at the lotus feet of bhagavaan and the Lord is ever stationed in their heart.

Shravana Bhakti: Bhakti is classified into two: GAUNI and PARAA. GAUNI is again of two kinds: VAIDHI and RAAGAATMIKA. VAIDHI is classified into nine [shravaNa etc.] and RAAGAATMIKA into fourteen [hasya etc.]. Thus, it becomes evident that during Saadhana, the form of bhakti is GAUNI, the SIDDHAAVASTHAA of which leads to PARAA bhakti. Thus, GAUNI is saadhana and para is saadhya. So, the importance of GAUNI as sopaana for para bhakti is unquestionable. Moksha is the ultimate goal and this is possible only through the liberating knowledge of the Upanishads. This requires chitta shuddhi which is obtained through various upasana kramas, practiced with Bhakti. In the Srimad-Bhagavata and the Vishnu Purana Bhakti is characterized by:

Shravanam  Keerthanam Vishnoh Smaranam Paadasevanam |
Archanam Vandanam Daasyam Sakshyam Athmanivedanam ||

Sravana is hearing of Lord’s Lilas. Sravana includes hearing of God’s virtues, glories, stories, keerthans/raagaas connected with His divine Name and Form. The devotee gets absorbed in the hearing of Divine stories and his mind merges in the thought of divinity . The devotee remembers God only even in dream. Mere reading for oneself is not of much use. Doubts will crop up. They cannot be solved by oneself easily. King Parikshit attained Liberation through Sravana. He heard the glories of God from Suka Maharishi. His heart was purified. He attained the Abode of Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha. He became liberated and enjoyed the Supreme Bliss. Addressing Narada, Lord Krishna had said: “I do not live in Vaikunta or in the hearts of saints or among Gopikas. I live in the hearts of devotees who sing my glories” (Na Aham Vasaami Vaikunte, Na Yogi Hridaye Ravou Mat Bhakta Yatra Gayanti Tatra Thishtaami, Narada!). Where the Nama Sankeeerthanam is held the environment is charged with a spiritual power and the devotee’s heart is immersed in God.

Devotional tracks on Lord Dattatreya including live chanting of Datta Nama is also included. It is like “Ganga Pravaaha”. Have a holy dip and experience the divine presence with “THANMAYA BHAAVA”



Sree Datta Gaana Tarangini – Devotional songs of Lord Sree Dattatreya
sung by Marthi Indira & Team, Narayan Guda, Hyderabad.




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