Datta Nama Smarana Prachara

image001Lord Dattatreya commonly known as Guru-dattatreya, has fascinated the hearts of Millions of devotees by his highly gracious nature and pleasing personality throughout the centuries. . He has been rightly called as ‘SMARTHRUGAAMI’ – presenting himself as soon as he is recollected. Many devotees are reciting the name of Lord Dattatreya and are getting relief from the problems of their  daily life. Especially they are getting unexplainable happiness and peace in thier lives. Miraculous results are experienced by the recitation of Datta nama with full faith in the Lord. The philosophy of Sadguru Datta is beyond the reach of people’s imagination. He will always try to develop the GNANA in his servants.

“SVASHE SVAASHE DATTA NAAMA SMARAATMAN ” is a powerful Pranayoga given by Shri Rangavadhoot Maharaj who is the main disciple of Shree Vasudevanand Saraswathy swamy Mahraj. This yoga is the yoga of breathing which can be linked with life to raise an individual’s spiritual level by continuous recitation of Datta nama at any time. Svaashe Svaashe Datta Naama Smaraatman means- the soul has to repeat the name of DATTA GURU with every breath. As breath represents life and life exists for an individual only, till he breaths, these verses ask a human being to repeat the name of DATTA every minute and at all times and at all places.

In addition to Upasana and Bhakti approaches, there is another approach to reach the Divine and that is NAAMAYOGA- repeating the name of a deity.

A big Banyan tree is sprouted from a tiny seed. Small drops of rain water form a big Ocean. Similarly chanting the NAMA daily paves the way to Moksha. Simple and easy way to realise our materialistic dreams and finally reach the supreme power. Lord Dattatreya is the Guru of not only just Sri Parasurama,Shree Kaarthaveeryaarjuna ,sri Vishnu Datta but also the Guru of Sri Prahalada,Alarka, Pingala Naga,Yadu and many others. He grants boons liberally to his devotees. The grace of Shree Guru Dattatreya used to flow in direct proportion to the endurance and faith of the devotee

From Suta Samhita, one can know that Datta Avatara first occurred in Kritha Yuga – vaishakha bahula dashami – Thursday – Revati Nakshatra mina lagna. The incident of Sri Dattatreya discoursing to Prahlada further proves this fact.Thus, considering the present cycle of creation, the great manifestation of the Supreme as Dattatreya happened in swayambhuva manvantara. We have completed swayambhuva, swarochisha, uttama, tamasa, raivata and chAakshusha manvantaras and the current manvantara is Vaivasvata. Every Manvatara approximately maps to about 3086 crore years. Thus, from the beginning of the latest cycle of creation, we have now seen 3086 X 6 = 18516 crore years.

Scientists claim the present age of our Solar system to be 500 crore years, of earth – about 450 crore years and of life on earth – about 200 crore years. This estimate exactly matches with the beginning of Shweta Varaha Kalpa described in our Puranas. Also, the previous Naimittika Pralaya (destruction of the three worlds) happened at the end of chakshusha manvantara according to the Puranas. In that Manvantara, every trace of human life was wiped out. The current manvantara – Vaivaswata, is running from 125 crore years now. This discussion was to point to the fact that the Adi Avatara of Sri Dattareya has existed from time immemorial.
Sri Gurudattatreya is givng darshan to true devotees even today. Sripada sree vallabha, Sri Nrusimha saraswathyswamy, the incarnations of Dattatreya are also granting darshan  to devotees and helping many people who are facing intractable problems.

SMARANA BHAKTHI: Smarana is remembrance of the Lord at all times. This is unbroken memory of the Name and Form of the Lord. The mind does not think of any object of the world, but is ever engrossed in thinking of the glorious Lord alone. The mind meditates on what is heard about the glories of God and His virtues, Names, etc., and forgets even the body and contents itself in the remembrance of God, just as Dhruva or Prahlada did. Even Japa is only remembrance of God and comes under this category of Bhakti. Remembrance also includes hearing of stories pertaining to God at all times, talking of God, teaching to others what pertains to God, meditation on the attributes of God, etc. Remembrance has no particular time. God is to be remembered at all times without break, so long as one has got his consciousness intact.

Apart from normal Navagrahas( 9 grahas),   in Kaliyuga there are 9 more heavily malefic planets influencing everyone’s ‘evil’ mind, commonly called the Satanic mind. The 9 grahas are: Kala,Ardhaprahara,Mrityu, Yamakantaka, Gulika(son of Shani),Parivesha, Indrachapa, Vyatipatha, Upakethu and Dhuma. These 9 malefic grahas make a person not get results despite trying hard(maandhyam) ,  lethargic, evilminded, evading debts, stealing,  cheating, killing, raping,  terrorist, etc., They take upon like the scavenger the karmas of people. When we have our own past karmas to take care of, it would not be a good idea to take other people’s heavy karmas too. Dattatreya being an Avadhutha can control all planets and Grahas  as he is Graha-teetha.

Dattatreya, the preceptor of the world, who is propitious, perfect,supreme, eternal, pure, free from blemishes (i.e., unstained) and the highest divine resort. This is the nature of Guru Dattatreya and it is the Glory  of Dattaguru. To please the trinity one has to perform many rituals and follow certain set of rules and give away Time , Money and Energy.But now time has come to know  the actuality of God. The combination of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva are  in one form. To please him we do not require to do a special pooja or ritual. He is pleased by just “SMARAN” or by  just chanting his name. Hence, we have taken this “DATTA NAMA SMARANA PRACHARA”as a special project and spreading Dattanama throught the World. Be a part of this project and have the blessings of Lord Dattatreya.

Devotion to Dattatreya can be equated like this:

Datta-devotion= Athyantha Bhakthi(Intense devotional fervour)+namasmarana and bhajana(chanting Datta’s name and singing His glories)+Pathana( reading His scriptures like SriGuru Charitra, Sri Guru Leelamrutham, Sree Dattavaibhavam, etc)+Datta- seva(prachara of His name and glories,building temples,doing Manava seva,etc)+ Guru seva+Dattasadhana( meditation of Dattatreya Mantra).

These six aspects of the equation if properly followed by all will lead to the Paramapadam of Lord Dattatreya.

Digambara Digambara || Shree Paada Vallabha Digambara ||

Digmabara Digambara || Avadhootha Chinthana Digambara||